Shoutout to Conor Seery, Club Berowra Employee of the Month!

April 26, 2024

Meet Conor Seery, the shining star at Club Berowra who has been recognized as the Employee of the Month! Conor’s dedication and drive have already set him apart, making him a valuable asset to the team. Whether he is engaging with regular customers or supporting his colleagues, Conor’s positive attitude and hard work are truly commendable.

Conor’s commitment is further highlighted by his willingness to take on additional responsibilities, such as casual Duty Manager shifts. His fresh perspective and innovative ideas have made a significant impact on the club’s operations, showcasing his determination to contribute to the continuous improvement of Club Berowra.

With Conor’s impressive work ethic and passion for excellence, it’s no wonder he stands out among his peers. Club Berowra is fortunate to have Conor as part of their team, and his contributions are truly appreciated. Keep up the fantastic work, Conor!

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