Exciting News! Club Berowra’s expanded food service is here.

April 5, 2024

Exciting news! Club Berowra now offers food service in our downstairs bar area. Simply place your order at the bar and enjoy your favorite dishes delivered right to your table. This convenient service is available every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday starting at 3 pm.

To make your dining experience even more delightful, we have added some new and mouthwatering options to our menu just in time for the rainy weekend. Indulge in our 16-hour slow-roasted pumpkin, creamy seafood chowder, warm fried falafel bowl, smoked beef brisket ragu, or roasted pear and pecan salad.

Join us for a delicious meal and great service at Club Berowra. Call us at 9456 1844 or visit our website at to book your table. We are open from Tuesday to Sunday, so come on over and enjoy the new menu offerings and fantastic atmosphere. See you soon at Club Berowra!