Need some cash? How about $700?

May 23, 2024

Looking for some extra cash? How about scoring $700? Join us at the club this Friday night for a chance to win instant cash with CashKing! It’s as easy as purchasing a meat raffle ticket, which automatically enters you into the CashKing draw. The more raffle tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win cash on the spot.

For just $10, you’ll get one CashKing ticket; spend $15 and receive two CashKing tickets; splurge on a $20 ticket and get three CashKing tickets; or go all out with a $50 ticket for six CashKing entries. After the raffle, we will draw three tickets for CashKing. If you’re selected, you’ll pick a card from our virtual deck. Hit the jackpot by revealing the King of Diamonds and walk away with $700!

Even if you don’t draw the King of Diamonds, revealing any Picture Card awards you a free drink! Join us at the club this Friday night for not only a shot at quality meat trays but also the chance to leave with some fast cash. Club Berowra invites you to partake in the excitement and potentially take home a prize. See you there!

Club Berowra can be reached at 9456 1844 and is open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. For updates and more information, head to our website at Follow us on Instagram for the latest news and promotions: https://www.instagram