For those who haven’t met Stephen yet, say hello to our new Food and Beverage Manager at Club Berowra!

May 21, 2024

Meet Stephen, the new Food and Beverage Manager at Club Berowra! His journey in the hospitality industry started with curiosity and evolved into a true passion. With vast experience acquired from top hotels across Australia, Stephen brings valuable knowledge to our team. His goal is simple: to establish Club Berowra as a beloved community spot, known for top-notch food and service.

In the kitchen, Stephen’s culinary flair leans towards Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. He loves bold flavors and fresh ingredients, which he delights in sharing with Club Berowra members and guests. Currently, Stephen is exploring the world of wines, while also appreciating a good whiskey now and then.

Stephen enjoys mingling with club members on the floor, so if you spot him, don’t hesitate to say hello! Club Berowra is thrilled to have Stephen on board and is excited for the fresh perspective and expertise he brings. To get in touch with Club Berowra and experience Stephen’s culinary delights, contact us at 9456 1844 or visit